Fellowship Groups

Grounded College Ministry Berean Dekalb

Grounded College Ministry

The College Ministry is designed to impact the lives of traditional and non-traditional college students through fellowship, discipleship and relationships.

Marriage Ministry Berean Dekalb

Marriage Ministry

The Marriage Ministry is designed to provide encouragement, support and fellowship to the husbands and wives of Berean.

Men Ministry Berean Dekalb

Men’s Ministry (M.O.B.)

The Men’s Ministry is designed to impact the lives of men ages 21 and older through fellowship, discipleship and relationships.

Single Adult Ministry Berean Dekalb

Single Adult Ministry

The Single’s Ministry is designed to help single adults cultivate a relationship with Christ, to develop healthy relationships with others, and to become devoted servants for God.

Wise And Seasoned Ministry Berean Dekalb

Wise and Seasoned Saints
Senior Adult Ministry (60+)

The Wise and Seasonal Saints Ministry is designed to offer opportunities for senior adults, ages and 60 and up, to come together in fellowship, experience new things and learn about issues important to seniors.

Young Adult Ministry Berean Dekalb

Young Adult Ministry
(18 – 29 years old)

The Young Adult Ministry is designed to engage members; ages 18-29, in the life of the church through providing opportunities for them serve and participate in ministry.

Women’s Ministry Berean Dekalb

Women’s Ministry (W.O.W.)

The Women’s Ministry is designed to enlighten, empower and encourage women of Berean ages 21 and above.

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