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“F.I.T. 4 C.I.N.”06/16/24SunLuke 15:22-28
“Ten Commandments for Raising Godly Children”06/11/24TuesDeuteronomy 4:13
“Helping Your Child Survive Messy Situations”06/09/24Sun1 Kings 3:26-28
“Raising Godly Children”06/04/24TuesEphesians 6:4
“Leadership 401: ABC’s for Effective Leadership”05/28/24TuesVaries
“Get Your Shift Together”05/26/24Sun1 Kings 19:1-4
“The Leader Who Overcame Mental Health Challenges”05/26/24Sun1 Kings 19:1-4
“Leadership 301”
“Serving As A Leader in the Local Church”
05/21/24TuesActs 14:23
“The Job That Will Never End”05/19/24SunActs 2:1-4
Leadership 201: Discovering Your Leadership Style05/14/24Tues2 Kings 22:8
“Mama’s That S.O.B.”05/12/24Sun2 Samuel 21:9-10
“Leadership 101”05/07/24Tues1 Kings2:1-2
“A Great Prayer for Godly Leaders”05/05/24SunI Samuel 17:50-51
“Your Future Health Can Be Greater Than Your Past”04/30/24TuesJeremiah 29:11
“From Your Mouth to God’s Ears”04/28/24SunMark 5:25-28
“Old School Exercises That Still Work Today”04/23/24TuesEcclesiastes 9:11
“The Biggest Room in the World is the Room for Improvement”04/21/24SunActs 3:7-9
“Improving your Physical Health”04/16/24TuesProverbs 4:21-22
“Draw a Line in the Sand for the Lord”04/14/24SunDaniel 1:5-8
“Shaping Up for The Master”04/09/24TuesI Corinthians 6:19-20
“If You Don’t Know, You Better Ask Somebody”04/07/24SunJohn 21:10-13
“ABC’S for Tithing”04/02/24TuesMalachi 3:8
“The Date Worth The Wait”03/31/24SunLuke 24:13-15
“The Roller Coaster Week of Jesus”03/26/24TuesJohn 16:33
“Profitable Palm Sunday Practices”03/24/24SunMark 11:7-10
“Lessons from the Lord about Money”03/19/24Tues1 Timothy 6:17
“Just Give It!”03/17/24SunMark 12:41-44
“Handling Money God’s Way”03/12/24TuesVaries
“Money’s Coming Your Way”03/05/24TuesGenesis 30:43
“Improving Your Personal Finances”03/03/24Sun Genesis 26:12-14
“Improving Your Personal Prayer Life” Part 402/27/24Tues (Evening) Varies
“Little Things That Make A Big Difference”02/27/24TuesActs 9:25-30
“Blessed To Be A Blessing”02/25/24SunRuth 2:8-12
“Improving Your Personal Prayer Life” Part 302/20/24Tues (Evening)Varies
“Keeping Your In-laws from Becoming Your Outlaws”02/20/24TuesRuth 1:12-21
“Can We All Just Get Along”02/18/24SunActs 15:36-40
“Improving Your Personal Prayer Life” Part 202/13/24Tue (Evening)Varies
“Let Me Help You Survive and Succeed”02/13/24Tue (Noon)Exodus 18:14-19
“Actions Will Always Speak Louder Than Words”02/11/24SunActs 11:19-23
“Improving Your Personal Prayer Life”
“Prioritizing Hurting People”02/06/24TuesII Samuel 9:1-7
“Making People A Priority”02/04/24SunLuke 10:33-35
“If I’m Going to Last, I Must Fast” Part 301/30/24TuesVaries
“If I’m Going to Last, I Must Fast” Part 2"01/23/24TuesVaries
“Don’t Just Go Through It, But Grow Through It”01/21/24SunGenesis 50:15-20
“Thank God for His Word”01/17/24Tues2 Kings 22:8-16
“Let The Word Do The Work”01/14/24 SunMatthew 4:1-4
“Don’t Leave Home Without It”01/09/24Tues2 Timothy 3:16-17
“There’s More in Store in 2024”01/07/24 SunLuke 2:51-52
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